May 15th

Dr. Gregorius Bimantoro CEO and Co-founder, Atoma Medical

Dr. Bimantoro is a medical doctor by profession and has around 14 years of experience in Digital Health. His passion in sustainable innovation to improve quality of life has led him to his current position as chairman of Indonesia HealthTech Association (healthtech.id) and Founder and CEO of Atoma Medical, a healthcare innovation company based in Jakarta,Indonesia.

Leading ProSehat to be South East Asia's #1 Health Assistant App with B2B2C marketplace model. ProSehat is a virtual health assistant App that help modern family easily get trusted home health care and product at their place with online doctor consult and nurse chatbot.

Dr. Bimantoro started his digital health journey as co-founder of TanyaDokterAnda (now TanyaDok.com) while at medical school. He is experienced in working with partners including global NGO, medical association and healthcare industry to develop digital health solutions. This an age of growing Health Tech, Dr. Bimantoro is glad to be part of discussions that can drive meaningful changes.