May 16th

Justin Wood Head of Asia Pacific and Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum

Justin Wood joined the World Economic Forum in Geneva in 2015 and is responsible for the Forum’s activities in the Asia Pacific region.

Before joining the Forum, he worked for The Economist Group in South-east Asia for 14 years. For eight of those years Justin ran an economic advisory and research service covering the Asia region. His clients were governments and companies from around the world with deep interest in the region. His work focused on economic development, cross-border trade and investment, and business strategy. Before running the advisory business, he worked as a journalist, covering economics and business across Asia. In total, Justin has lived and worked in the Asia Pacific region for a total of 24 years, including in Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Korea.

Justin is a graduate of the London School of Economics (1992) and has completed post-graduate studies in corporate finance at London Business School. Justin is the author of several books, including “The Economist’s Guide to Emerging Markets” (non-fiction) and “Once Upon a Timepiece” (fiction), and is a frequent commentator on TV and in the press. He is married with three children.