May 15th

Ms. Anda Sapardan COO and Co-founder, TeleCTG International

Ms. Anda Waluyo Sapardan is the Co-founder of Sehati & TeleCTG and in charge of the operations of the company. She has over 12 years of experience in the medical industry including managing hospitals, especially maternity hospitals which target healthcare for women and children.

Sehati and TeleCTG were founded to address the concerns with the quality of health of the next generation of Indonesia. The initiative aims to provide equal opportunity — at least for information and for access to good maternal healthcare, to reach those that lack the opportunity to access these services.

Sehati and TeleCTG are technology solutions to track and monitor the first thousand days of human life, thereby focusing on promotive and preventive measures. The technology tries to provide early detection and warning of risk factors that could cause maternal death, infant death, as well as help to prevent stunting from the very beginning. Sehati can help expectant mothers in monitoring their pregnancy process by providing standardized guidance, pregnancy tips, and booking platform for health checkups with hospitals, doctors and healthcare institutions.
With technology, it’s easier for people to access information; even in remote areas, as long through internet connectivity, one can gain access. However, technology or innovation won’t reach its optimum utilization if human empowerment is not focused on.