May 15th

Ms. Rhenu Bhuller Partner – Transformational Health, Frost & Sullivan, Malaysia

Ms. Rhenu Bhuller is Partner & SVP, Healthcare, at Frost & Sullivan in Singapore. She is a founding member of Frost & Sullivan’s Asia Pacific operations and has been at the forefront of pioneering new initiatives working with clients globally across major developed and emerging markets. She has a keen interest in use of technology and innovative platforms as a source of transformation for delivery of healthcare products and services to improve access, outcomes and efficiency.

With a background in life sciences and financial evaluations along with extensive experience in research and consulting, Rhenu supports the growth and development of both MNCs and start-ups by preparing for the future in terms of market strategy, industry convergence opportunities and business model innovation to take advantage of mega trends and related opportunities.

While she works across multiple industries, the majority of her work has been in health and wellness, chemicals and business and financial services. In prior roles, Rhenu has worked with Frost & Sullivan’s analyst teams on issues including how the use of technology and population changes can influence healthcare services; the impact of healthcare IT, data analytics, mobile health and services on the future of healthcare delivery; and how innovative solutions and business models can improve access, outcomes and efficiency.

A seasoned speaker, Rhenu moderates panels and presents at private client seminars and industry conferences, as well contributes to print, social and online media (e.g. BBC, Bloomberg, CNN and CNBC).