May 16th

Assoc.Prof. Dr. PHAN LE THU HANG Deputy Director of Department of Planning and Finance, Ministry of Health

Phan Le Thu Hang (born in October 06, 1970) is taken the Deputy Director of Department of Planning and Finance - The Ministry of Health of Vietnam since 2013. She is assigned directly in charge of the field of health care at grassroots level. She has a wealth of experience in advising the Ministry of Health leaders to submit the Scheme for establishment and development of grassroots health facilities in the new situation to the Government for approval. She also takes the lead in developing the Project on investing and innovating for grassroots service delivery reform funded by World bank. She has been called upon to lead and support major transformational health initiatives including: strengthening health system performance, design and implementation of health financing mechanisms, and development of benefit health service package to support the implementation of universal health coverage in Vietnam.
She obtained the Philosophy Doctor Degree on Medicine in 2009 and became Associated Professor in Medical Health in 2016.