The Vietnam Ministry of Health (MoH) is collaborating with the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care, World Economic Forum, and Novartis to host a one day Primary Healthcare Partnership Dialogue. The event will be guided by the following objectives: Share the challenges and opportunities around primary healthcare transformation and the person-journey through accessing primary healthcare, with a focus on MoH driven initiatives, projects, and investments; Obtain consensus across MoH, development partners and private sector partners around a shared vision for primary healthcare transformation in Vietnam; Facilitate a discussion between government, academics, development and private sector partners on how to best contribute to and invest in the shared vision for primary healthcare transformation in Vietnam.

Desired outputs from the meeting include:
1) Proceedings which summarize the Primary Healthcare Partnership Dialogue
2) Establishment of an Alliance for Primary Healthcare Transformation which would be charged with incubating and following up on ideas and commitments generated in this meeting, and establishing a regular dialogue and engagement plan to ensure follow-up actions, progress, and coordination with MoH strategy and initiatives
3) An overview of potential and confirmed partner contributions to the Alliance for Primary Healthcare Transformation which strengthen MoH strategy and initiatives; contributions can range include work-stream participation, in-kind support, human resources and financial commitments. This approach will ensure equitable access to high quality services and products to the population, allowing Vietnam to sustain its strong socio-economic growth.